Corporate Profile

With decades of experience in design and fabrication, PAPCO Industries, Inc. has installed thousands of non-metallic expansion joints in a wide range of applications throughout the US and around the world. Designed for a variety of systems, PAPCO expansion joints are compatible with all types of gases and temperatures up to 2000°F. Since the development of our benchmark fabric, TEXFLEX® in 1985, PAPCO Industries has been at the forefront of expansion joint technology. When PAPCO’s mechanical engineers designed and built the machinery to mass-produce TEXFLEX, they set the standard for high temperature expansion joint materials. In order to continually maintain this leadership position, PAPCO’s management constantly investigates new technologies and processes that can be used to design the most robust non-metallic expansion joints in the world. As a member of the Fluid Sealing Association (FSA), PAPCO has access to and influence on the latest technical data and material specifications.

All PAPCO expansion joints are manufactured at our facility with painstaking care by our expert technicians. Each assembly is quality inspected throughout the manufacturing cycle to ensure that there are no material defects and that there will be a proper fit once installed. At PAPCO, we take special pride in our work and our customers’ satisfaction. We have been and always will be available to assist the design engineer in the planning of the system. With our experience, we can suggest the right materials for the expansion joint; its proper placement; and the most cost-effective method of achieving the desired result – a safe, durable expansion joint that requires little maintenance and provides trouble-free service.