The flexible element is the most active component of the expansion joint. It contains the gas seal and must be 100% non-permeable, and allow movement in all directions. The flexible element’s Structural Gas Ply must also be designed to withstand the system temperature and pressure and be chemically compatible. The Flexible Element may also include additional thermal barriers, as well as retaining and reinforcing plies. PAPCO offers flexible elements in both Flat Belt and U-Shaped “Integrally Flanged” varieties, and when combined with additional thermal layers and insulation pillows, are suitable for temperatures up to 2000°F.

Flexible Element Types

This section will be devoted to explaining the features and benefits of the different belts PAPCO offers.

Single Layer Belting Materials: Max Temp to 575ºF
Composite Belting Materials
: Max Temp to 2500ºF